Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Huppi Family Vacation

In order to spend the some quality time with Jono and I, Jono's family spent their summer vacation in Cedar City. We had a blast! We swam a lot and we all got a bit sunburned, but it was worth it. The Huppi's enjoyed seeing the historic downtown Cedar, and our amazing local eateries and especially Park Discovery! You can't visit without seeing the Shakespearean Festival, so we all went to the Green Show and watched Much Ado About Nothing. We all got a kick out of it, except Jono's brother who thought it was much ado about nothing. One of my favorite things was a night hike we took to Scout's Peak at Three Peaks. The stars were beautiful and Jono's dad helped us find some constellations and the milky way. Jono's youngest sister was a bit spooked about hiking in the dark, but she made it through with only a few tears shed. All in all we had a good time and it was great to spend time with family!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

"You will love it when you are 40-50!"

Last Saturday Jono and I went shopping by accident. We were bored on a rainy Saturday morning and when we found out the gymnastics event we went to see wasn't happening we decided to hit the town. In Cedar that means seeing about three clothing stores. We also stopped at the new pet store where Jono fell in love with a $100 tortoise. Someday Jono, when we live somewhere we own or that allows pets. It was an awesome tortoise though. They live to 100 years old and become huge land tortoises. Our kids could inherit the lovable thing. Someday though. The object of this shopping event was to help me start a new wardrobe. I am now 21, however no one believes I am over 17. Jono is in the same boat. As young men's president in our last ward he was often mistook for one of the youth. Luckily he can grow a beard and is convincing as an adult. I don't have that luxury so we though we would start by getting some clothes that help me to look older. $80 later and I am starting to convince people. And in 20 years I will still surprise people with how young I look and I will actually enjoy looking younger. For now, I just need a little respect and acknowledgment of the responsible adult I am.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Yankee-Doodle Canyon

On Friday June 4th we took a youth conference group canyoneering for our job at SUU Outdoor Rec. We started the canyon with a short 30' rappel. This the first rappel for most of the kids and leaders so it took a while. I sat at the top helping everyone use their gear correctly and encouraging them to trust the equipment as they walk backwards off of the ledge. This can obviously be scary for a beginner so it tool quite a bit of coaxing from friends, leaders and Jono, who was at the bottom of the rappel to get some people to go down. The mechanics of rappel throw a lot of people off guard. They tend to grab the rope above their rappel device when they feel they are falling instead of below, which would stop them from falling, and they feel more comfortable using their own strength instead of relying on the device and rope. I guess it just takes practice. The next rappel is a good 70' slot. After that there are several areas where you scramble down about 10' or less. Jono lead the group and helped people down these areas. There were two down climbs that ended in small, knee-deep stagnant pools. The kids actually enjoyed walking through these since it was around 90 degrees. The hike from the end of the canyon up a wash to the road was good. The kids got too excited and wanted to stay ahead and would subsequently have to stop and wait when they came to a fork in the trail and wait for us to lead them in the right direction. I stopped at the turn-off to the side trail up to the road and heard the end of the group stop for a rest, so I sat on a near by rock and meditated for a while. I suddenly recognized the sound of rustling behind me and turned to see a rattlesnake coiled beneath a rick no more that two feet behind me. I promptly stood and walked to the other side of the wash and warned those coming up to steer clear of the snake. The snake just sat there with no incident. We made it back to the cars, picked up the gear and headed home. It ended up being a nine hour day including the 45 minute drive both ways. I definitely advocate not traveling in groups larger than 12 for activities like this and also making sure everyone is in fairly good health and strength conditions. Then it won't take nearly that long. I mean the whole canyon and walk back is only a couple of miles. However, everyone seemed to have a great time and all was well.